Sound map / Soundscape composition

Phonambient is a project based on the documentation and artistic transformation of the contemporary sound heritage. It aims at recording and preserving on a digital database ( all the sounds that define a city or region, including soundscapes, specific sound sources, musical fragments, phonetics and phonology.

Phonambient is an expansion of Porto Sonoro (, broadening the actual database (confined mostly to the historic center of the city of Porto) to several cities: Braga, Guarda, Tondela, Castelo Branco, Fundão and Abu Dhabi. It is also intended to share knowledge and resources gathered within the Porto Sonoro project, in order to create a wider and universal database. The shared resources include software developed by the Sonoscopia team (POLISphone, URB and Manobrador), field recording techniques, electroacoustic composition techniques, web servers, programming, design and audio equipment.

Phonambient is being developed in the different cities with the help of a Sonoscopia team, providing theoretical and practical knowledge to a local community that is responsible for the further development of the project in each city.
The work produced by the local community is presented in each city. It contains not only the field recordings, but also the artistic reflections produced, in forms of electroacoustic compositions, sound installations or theoretical reflections about the sound identity of each region.

Public presentations:
2017/10/28 | Lisboa, Festival Dias da Música Electroacústica
2017/10/12 | Sardoal, Caminhos da Pedra
2017/06/28 | Vila de Rei, Caminhos da Água
2016/07/23 | Ovar, Festival Festa
2015/02/14 | Porto, Casa da Música
2015/01/31 | Guarda, Teatro Municipal
2015/01/31 | United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, NYUAD
2015/01/29 | Castelo Branco, CCCB
2015/01/17 | Braga, GNRation
2015/01/10 | Fundão, A Moagem
2014/12/13 | Tondela, Acert


Artistic direction: Gustavo Costa
Executive production and communication: Patrícia Caveiro
Archive and documentation: Patrícia Caveiro e Sara Gomes
Laboratorial trainers: Alberto Lopes, Eduardo Magalhães, Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa, José Alberto Gomes, Filipe Lopes, Manuel dos Reis and Rui Dias
Artistic team: Alberto Lopes, Carlos Guedes, Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa, João Mascarenhas, José Alberto Gomes, Filipe Lopes and Rui Dias
Local coordination: Braga: Rui Dias and Au Au Feio Mau; Tondela: Eduardo Magalhães and José Tavares; Guarda: Alberto Lopes and Paulo Adaixo; Fundão: Filipe Lopes and João Bento; Castelo Branco: Gustavo Costa and Carlos Semedo; Abu Dhabi: Carlos Guedes and João Menezes; Porto: Henrique Fernandes and José Alberto Gomes
Local teams: announced soon
Web coordination: Rodrigo Cardoso
Web programming: Dream Code
Web and communication design: Micaela Amaral
Production: Sonoscopia
Institutional partners: CM Fundão, CM Guarda, CM Castelo Branco, Acert, Gnration, Casa da Música, ESART e New York University Abu Dhabi, Au Au Feio Mau

Phonambient is supported by the state secretary of culture / Direcção Geral das Artes and begun in September 2014.