Interactive sound installation

Ever since I can remember, I wonder about how it would be like to be inside a musical instrument! The interior and the innermost of the instruments are mysterious places, places that are not accessible to us. I remember, as child, peeking inside a cello, or a piano, trying to understand their mysteries, I wanted to go even further than what my eyes could see and my ears could hear! Then, I would close my eyes and journey through this mysterious world! I would imagine their smell, their textures, the sound that I would hear… from this memory, INsono was born! INsono is an interactive sound installation and sensory pathway. It is a space inhabited by several objects/acoustic and electric sound sculptures that invites participants to experience what it feels like to be inside each object/sculpture.

Direction and concept: Henrique Fernandes
Sculpting: Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa, Miguel Ferraz
Electronics: José Alberto Gomes and Tiago Ângelo
Support to creation and pedagogic mediation: Ana Luisa Veloso
Workshop leaders: Rodrigo Malvar, Tiago Ângelo, Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes
Communication and design: Micaela Amaral
Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro
Production: Sonoscopia

Past Presentations:
2018/12/10 – 11 | Viseu, Teatro Viriato
2018/07/19 – 22 | Coimbra, Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra
2018/06/01 – 10 | Porto, Jardins da Casa da Prelada
2017/02/07 – 26 | Lisboa, CCB – Fábrica das Artes
2016/09/01 – 04 | Lisboa, Tapada das Necessidades, Festival Lisboa Soa
2016/05/21 – 22 | Grécia, Atenas, Onassis Cultural Centre, Big Bang Festival
2015/10/23 – 24 | Lisboa, CCB, Big Bang Festival