Das Gavetas Nascem Sons
Collective musical instrument

A small cupboard met another cupboard and, PLOP!, they assembled themselves together.
Soon after, they met another two…
And what do you think happened? PLOP! That’s right!
And so it went. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP…
Like any other cupboard, these also liked to keep things inside. But, in this case, those things were very special things: SOUNDS.
In the end, all these gathered cupboards gave rise to the “SOUND TELLER”, a PLACE-OBJECT where stories are created and listened to in a very special way.
Come and listen!… And feel!…

Video link Das Gavetas Nascem Sons at Festival Big Bang (Gent, Antwerp, Brussels and Lille) HERE

Concept: Henrique Fernandes, Casa das Brincadeiras
Support on construction: Sandra Neves and Emanuel Santos
Monitors: Ana Veloso and Patrícia Caveiro
Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro
Production: Sonoscopia

Past Presentations:
2017/12/15 – 16 | Vila Real, Teatro Municipal de Vila Real
2017/11/09 | Espinho, Cinanima
2017/10/05 – 06 | Setúbal, Casa da Cultura
2017/05/22 | Santa Maria da Feira, Biblioteca Municipal
2017/04/05 – 09 | Loulé, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Festival Som Riscado
2017/03/31 | Braga, GNRation
2017/01/21 | Porto, Rivoli
2016/11/26 – 27 | France, Lille, Opéra, Big Bang Festival
2016/11/06 – 07 | Belgium, Brussels, Bozar, Big Bang Festival
2016/11/01 | Belgium, Antwerp, deSingel, Big Bang Festival
2015/11/28 | Porto, Edifício AXA
2015/10/23 – 24 | Lisboa, CCB, Big Bang Festival
2013/09/01 – 30 | Porto, Casa das Brincadeiras, Festival Manobras