Sensorial path / interactive installation

corAR is a sensorial path and interactive installation that draws a pallete of participation contexts for the younger public (0-2 years and 3-5 years) and their families. Several artistic and sensorial proposals of exploratory participation are launched through the development of “colour-areas”, in spaces filled with different proposals awakened in distinct moments by the artistic crossing of music, theater and dance. In corAR, each bird will have the colour of his cry.

Direction: Henrique Fernandes and Inês de Carvalho
Co-creation: Alberta Lemos, Henrique Fernandes, Inês de Carvalho, Joana Pupo and João Bento
Creative support: Madalena Wallenstein
Scenic design: Inês de Carvalho
Soundscape: Henrique Fernandes and João Bento
Performers: Alberta Lemos, Henrique Fernandes, Joana Pupo and João Bento
Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro
Production: Sonoscopia
Co-production: GNRation
Commissioned by Fábrica das Artes/CCB 2016

Past Presentations:
2016/10/07 – 08 | Braga, GNRation
2016/06/02 | Faro, Teatro das Figuras
2016/05/04 – 29 | Lisboa, CCB – Fábrica das Artes
2016/04/18 – 24 | Porto, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli
2016/02/15 – 21 | Braga, GNRation