Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto
Artistic collective

Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto was born on the centennial celebration of the publication of the manifesto “The art of Noises” and the first public presentation of Luigi Russell´s Intonarumori, the noise intoning machines. Both events had a deep impact in the history of music, introducing a radical shift with the dominant line of thought of western music and opening new possibilities for the subsequent composition currents that emerged in the 20th century. More than a single homage to an author or to an artistic movement, N.O.F.P. focuses on the libertarian act of composing with all sound sources. Instruments include daily objects as kitchen utensils, toys, broken mechanisms and circuits, revealing the importance of the use of non conventional sound sources to a constant rediscovery of new musical languages.

Conception and direction: Henrique Fernandes
Performers: Henrique Fernandes, Alberto Lopes, Filipe Silva, Gustavo Costa, Luís Bittencourt, Maria Mónica, Rodrigo Cardoso, João Ricardo, Susana Chiocca, Sara Gomes, Patrícia Caveiro, Manuel dos Reis, Filipe Lopes, Miguel Pipa, Vicente Costa.