Itinerant musical piece

Peripatetic is based on the concept of a constant mutation of the musical contents depending on the contexts that is presented. Every specific space, time and people involved introduce new variants, after three weeks of presentations the original ideas were transformed into a new musical piece.

Peripatetic was performed by Gustavo Costa, Henrique Fernandes, Alberto Lopes, Rodrigo Cardoso and João Ricardo between the 5th and 26th June 2015, on the following places:

26th June, Rendez Vous Contemporain, Paris
25th June, In de Ruimte, Ghent
24th June, Le Chab, Brussels
23st June, Tiefgarage, Cologne
21st June, Ausland, Berlin
19th June, Gallilaakirche Berlin
16th June, Makroscope, Mullheim
15th June, Denkodrom, Essen
14th June, Kulter a Lab, Amsterdam
12th June, Ferme du Biereau, Louvain la Neuve
10th June, Villa K, Den Haag
9th June, Macondo, Lille
8th June, La Muloche, Chateaubriant
7th June, La Muloche, Chateaubriant
6th June, Txirbilinea, Bilbao
5th June, Sonoscopia, Porto

Special guests and thanks to Nusch Werchowska (Chateaubriand), Elliott Levin (Porto), Lucho Enriquez (Lille), Gil Delindro (Berlin), Yuri Landman´s Ensemble, Anouch Cotrel (Chateubriant), Dan Kaufman (Louvain La Neuve) and Frederic Alstadt (Ghent and Brussels).
Thanks to Gretchen Blegen and Ausland, Dewi de Vree and Villa K, Vincent Pourcelle, Miguel A. Garcia, Julie Dassaud, Julius Gabriel, Maria Wildeis, Constantin Herzog, Marijke Loosen and Louis Laurain.
Video by Augusto Lado.