Staged concert

(De)Individuation is not a philosophy lesson, it´s theater and music made by critical thinking, in search of a critical thinking – the one that, as spectators, one can add. Starting from a constellation of authors (from Plauto to Brecht, through Thomas Hobbes, Nietzsche or Hannah Arendt), the spectacle that actor and director José Eduardo Silva conceived along with the musicians Gustavo Costa, Albrecht Loops and Henrique Fernandes, borrows bodies, sounds and words to the conceptual pair individuation / deindividuation, concepts theorized by contemporary philosophers such as Gilbert Simondon and Bernard Stiegler. Can the individual exceed the condition of being an insignificant part of an autophagic machine that accumulates power and capital? How to suppress the toxic logic that converts the energy of desire into a compulsive consumption? What can we say today about the exercise of individual liberty? Or simply: how do we become human after being born human? These difficult questions are staged on (De)Individuation – (Dis)Concert for Bernard Stiegler, without the pretension to provide formulas, but with the purpose to corrode the answers with which we have long conformed.

Dramaturgy, direction and performace
José Eduardo Silva
Music written and played by Albrecht Loops, Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa
Lighting design Pedro Vieira de Carvalho
Vídeo Jorge Quintela
Costumes and props Cátia Barros
Executive production Patrícia Caveiro
Co-produced by Teatro do Frio, TNSJ
Photos by Susana Neves / TNSJ

Apresentações Passadas:
2016/12/19 | Porto, Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória – Book release
2016/03/10 – 20 | Porto, Teatro Carlos Alberto